Tomorrow: Presentation on the Ethics of the 21st Century Law Office

Picture of ClassroomI’m a great believer in using technology in the practice of law. Law firms are (or at least sure should be) far more efficient and effective than they were just a few years ago, and it’s largely due to technological tools that allow more work to be done better for less cost. Using technology ethically and effectively, thereby delivering better and less expensive service to our clients, is one of the things that we believe sets apart our firm from many others.

To that end, I’m excited to be a speaker tomorrow at the Olmsted County Law Library’s free spring CLE (continuing legal education) event. I’ll be presenting a course entitled the Ethics of the 21st Century Law Office. The session will include a discussion about both how lawyers can use technology while still meeting their ethical obligations and how they sometimes must use technology to follow the legal and ethical rules, with a particular focus on data security (which I’ve written about before). The whole day should be a lot of fun – feel free to stop on by.

By David L. Liebow

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