Criminal Defense

We’re relentless in defending you from the government.

We have years of experience in defending people in cases from minor misdemeanors like traffic offenses to serious felonies like assault and homicide. When you’re being investigated for a crime or have been charged with a crime, nothing is more important than having the right lawyer in your corner. Learn more…

Criminal Expungement

Seal your record and get your life back.

Criminal charges can have consequences that last for a lifetime. Having a criminal record can cause difficulty finding or keeping a job, finding a place to live, and getting some kinds of licenses. If you were charged with a crime, or even if you’ve been convicted of a crime, we may be able to help you get your record sealed. Learn more…


You need experience on your side when your case needs a second look.

Results in the legal system don’t have to be final. Many decisions can be appealed at least once. Appeals are some of the most complicated and difficult areas of the law. If you want a decision reversed or if someone has appealed a case against you, you need appellate experience on your side, and we have it in spades. Learn more…

License Defense

When your license is at risk, you can’t take chances with your livelihood.

A license – whether it’s a driver’s license, medical license, nursing license, or daycare license – is key to being able to support yourself and your family. When that license is in the balance, you can’t afford to go it alone.