Things sometimes go wrong in court. That’s when you need an experienced attorney to fight for you on appeal. The attorneys at Liebow & Liebling, PLLC have years of experience representing people in criminal, civil, family, and administrative appeals.

The legal system is complicated. Both Minnesota and the United States have three levels of courts: district (trial) courts, intermediate appellate courts, and supreme courts. Some actions, such as administrative cases, must be appealed to district courts, and administrative remedies must often be “exhausted” before reaching a real court. Many decisions made by district courts in civil, criminal, and family cases can be appealed to an intermediate appellate court – in Minnesota, the Minnesota Court of Appeals, and in the federal system, one of the United States circuit courts of appeals (Minnesota is in the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals). Decisions in the intermediate appellate courts can be reviewed as well – in Minnesota by the Minnesota Supreme Court and in the federal system by the United States Supreme Court.

Tina and David are experienced and successful appellate attorneys. David has litigated nearly two dozen Minnesota appellate cases on issues from probate to divorce to domestic abuse to felonies and has argued a case before the Minnesota Supreme Court, an accomplishment few attorneys in the Rochester area can claim. Tina has handled appeals before courts from the Illinois Supreme Court to the Minnesota Court of Appeals to the United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit, and she is admitted to practice before the United States Supreme Court.

If you need your case to get a second look, there’s no time to waste. Many appellate cases have short deadlines – in some cases as short as 15 days – and they are often very harshly enforced.¬†Appellate cases are subject to some of the most complex and most strict rules of any type of case. They’re no place to go it alone. Contact Liebow & Liebling, PLLC today.