Tomorrow: Presentation on the Ethics of the 21st Century Law Office

I’m a great believer in using technology in the practice of law. Law firms are (or at least sure should be) far more efficient and effective than they were just a few years ago, and it’s largely due to technological tools that allow more work to be done better for less cost. Using technology ethically and effectively, thereby delivering better and less expensive service to our clients, is one of the things that we believe sets apart our firm from many others. … Continued

Security Matters (Even Though You Might Not Think About It)

When you hire a lawyer, you get a lot you may not realize. You have – or at least should have – just hired a person who will abandon their Ferrari to get to your hearing on time. You have – or should have – just hired someone who does everything in their power not to let anything get in the way of representing you. But the flip-side of that is that you’re putting your faith in your lawyer’s choices. Some … Continued